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The JCM Opportunity Fund

The JCM Opportunity Fund I engages in a combination of private lending and asset acquisition in order to generate current cash flow and long-term capital appreciation on a diversified basket of underlying investments.

The Fund targets investments that meet the Fund’s objectives in the areas of quick service restaurants (QSR) and commercial real estate (CRE). The Fund pursues a blended asset allocation strategy of stabilized / CORE investments and opportunistic investments.

Below are high level parameters for each investment strategy the Fund intends to pursue:

Stabilized/Core Strategy

  • Tier 1 Markets
  • Infill / High Traffic Locations
  • High Occupancy Rates
  • Steady or Increasing Rental Rates
  • Stabilized Assets

Opportunistic Strategy

  • Tier 2 and 3 Markets
  • Revenue and Expense Inefficiencies
  • Ground-up development
  • Distressed opportunities
  • Note acquisitions
  • Bridge and mezzanine financing
  • Expansion capital for Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees in emerging markets
Completed investments

Below is a synopsis of the investments that have been completed by the JCM Opportunity Fund I, LLC.

JCM Banyan

JCM Banyan BR, LLC
Asset Class: Real Estate
Invested Equity: $5,242,500
Realized Proceeds: $6,181,749
Actual Holding Period: 5 months
Realized IRR: 47.79%
Realized Average Annual Return: 43.00%

JCM Edge

Asset Class: Real Estate
Invested Equity: $4,000,000
Realized Proceeds: $5,951,512
Actual Holding Period: 17 months
Realized IRR: 21.10%
Realized Average Annual Return: 22.04%

Click here to view a short presentation commemorating the completion of The Edge Investment


Asset Class: QSR
Invested Equity: $7,300,000
Realized Proceeds: $8,982,619
Actual Holding Period: 16 months
Realized IRR: 22.96%
Realized Average Annual Return: 17.29%

JCM Atlanta DD

JCM Atlanta DD, LLC
Asset Class: QSR
Invested Equity: $7,400,000
Actual Holding Period: 45 months

Ongoing investments

An overview of JCM Opportunity Fund I, LLC closed investments

JCM Lowell

Asset Class: Real Estate
Invested Equity: $11,500,000

Click here to view overview videos of construction progress and facility amenities for Edge Merrimack River.

JCM Obery

JCM 84 Obery, LLC
Asset Class: Real Estate
Invested Equity: $3,500,000

JCM College Hill 

JCM Edge Brown, LLC
Asset Class: Real Estate
Invested Equity: $11,500,000

Click here to take an online virtual tour of the Edge College Hill facility.

Click here for a video and press release from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

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Click here to learn more about AIA Rhode Island's Design Award presented to this development.

JCM 150 Seaport

JCM 150 Seaport, LLC
Asset Class: Real Estate
Invested Equity: $36,000,000

Click here for a video from the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Click here to view live construction updates.

Click here to view a feature in Boston Common magazine.

Click here to view a photo gallery from the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Click here to view the exciting developments happening in Boston's Seaport District.

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The above Information is intended to summarize, on a generalized basis, the operations, development and property management activities of the Fund. This Information is applicable only to the Fund investments, assets and/or funds discussed or referenced in this Information (“Assets”) and has been prepared regarding such Assets using information available to management as of the date expressly set forth in this Information, using data aggregated from third party reports and unaudited financial information and statements generated by the Fund.

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Actual realized returns will depend on, among other factors, future operating results, the Assets’ value and market conditions at the time of disposition, legal and contractual restrictions on transfer that may limit liquidity, any related transaction costs and the timing and manner of sale. Unless otherwise indicated, return figures and performance calculations including, without limitation, any IRRs are presented on a “gross” basis (i.e., not reflecting management fees, carried interest, taxes, transaction costs related to the disposition of unrealized investments and other expenses to be borne by the Fund or in respect of such Assets, each of which may individually materially reduce returns and all of which, in the aggregate, are expected to be substantial).

The delivery of this Information shall not under any circumstances create an implication that the information contained herein is correct as of any later date. The Fund reserves the right to modify this Information and to revise and reissue it; however, the Fund disclaims any obligation whatsoever to so modify, revise and/or reissue this Information on a later date. Prior performance is not indicative of future success and, therefore, cumulative and/or current results are not necessarily indicative of The Fund’s and/or any one or more Asset’s respective financial positions and/or results of operations that may be expected for the entire year or for future periods. Future performance of The Fund and/or any one or more Assets referred to herein may differ materially from the information contained within this Report and may cause the loss of some or all of recipient’s funded capital. This Information is governed by and subject to those disclosures, disclaimers and risk factors contained in the Fund’s offering memorandum and definitive documents as amended, modified or supplemented from time to time.