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Custom strategies for franchise owners and buyers based on real world industry expertise

JCM Franchise Development, LLC specializes in the acquisition and disposition of franchised businesses on behalf of our clients and other franchisee owners. Our team takes a holistic, non-transactional approach to each engagement, integrating the myriad of constituencies that have a role and a voice in the increasingly complex arena of franchising. We model every possible scenario, and examine every angle, to ensure that the ultimate deal structure is sensible for all parties: buyer, seller, counsel, franchisor and lender.

Many of our clients had a buying or selling experience prior to engaging our firm, and found that the dynamic nature of the process was both overwhelming and confusing. JCM Franchise Development fully coordinates the process, from inception through diligence and to the closing, delivering a seamless execution for all involved. Our comprehensive knowledge of the buying and selling process allows us to navigate what would otherwise be a byzantine journey, and brings tremendous value to our clients.

JCM Franchise Development is part of the family of companies at Joyal Capital Management, a firm founded on the concept of Total Plan Integration. We have created in-house capabilities for all specialized professional services including those related to taxation, estate planning, risk management and investing. As a JCM Franchise Development client, the buying and selling of businesses is just one aspect of the service we provide. By treating our clients like partners, as opposed to transactional customers, we focus on the overall impact that each decision will have on their businesses and their families. We look past the immediate opportunity and model possible exit strategies. We design a long term plan that will protect their assets for the life of their business, and we optimize any estate or income tax consequences.

Simply stated, at JCM Franchise Development, we are committed to building partnerships.

We look at each engagement as an opportunity to form a relationship built on trust, sound financial advice and personal client service. This perspective, in concert with the consultative approach we take to your business, ensures that we not only focus on bringing maximum value to the situation at hand, but on bringing sustained value to your long term personal and professional goals as well.

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Whether you are a first-time buyer entering the world of franchising or a multi-unit veteran operator, the decision to buy a business is a serious undertaking.  We too understand time constraints since we also operate in the fast paced world of an entrepreneurial business.  We structure scenarios that benefit the buyer and seller, so much so that many buyers become our clients.

JCM Franchise Development, LLC has more than 25 years of experience working with buyers to engineer the right transaction to meet their individual and professional needs.  We offer our clients the highest level of professionalism in the industry.  Our reference network of attorneys, CPAs and franchisee clients is unmatched.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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Managing the key players in the sales process, and getting a buyer and seller to agree to business terms is only the beginning of the engagement process.  Our firm has demonstrated a track record of success in working with transaction attorneys to draw up binding Purchase and Sale agreements that will gain the approval of franchisors and lending institutions.  We also pre-screen all buyer candidates to determine whether they can be pre-approved by the franchisor or whether they can obtain entry into the franchise system.  This is done in a way that provides maximum confidentiality to the process and allows our clients the ability to manage their business while the team of experienced professionals works on bringing the engagement to a close.

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